A New Toy For Charley

About 3 weeks ago, Jack, my 10 year old, asked me to go to lunch with him.  Of course I was happy to do so, but after we ate he asked me to go to the pet store across the street so he could hold animals.  I suggested we go to the animal shelter instead, so on we went to PetCo on 95th and Quivera which has an animal shelter run by the KC Pet Project.

There were plenty of animals that were cute and sweet, but one in particular, really connected with Jack; a female kitten named Maleficent.  He begged and pleaded to adopt her and said it would be the only thing he would want for his birthday, which was the following week.  After a quick phone call to Patrick to get the okay, we adopted her and brought her home.  The name Maleficent just wasn’t working for us, so Jack decided on the name Charley.  (It can be a girl name too, right?)


It has been so much fun watching her play.  She finds the littlest things to go after; a rubber band, a piece of string, my flowers, Ruby’s tail.  (Our 14 year old Dachshund)

Instead of watching tv, we found our family time was spent just watching the kitten.  I thought it would be fun for Jack and I to do a project together, so I found a DIY Cat Tree project on IkeaHackers.com that I thought we could do together.

There was a lot of pieces to this ladder, but it was pretty easy to assemble. The only extra items we needed were the string, fabric, foam, a staple gun and scissors. We also bought some catnip spray to attract him to the ladder when we were done.


Jack put the yarn on the ladder steps. You can see Charley sleeping in the background.


The foam padding was hard to cut. You need sharp scissors.

The neighbor girls helped as well!

FullSizeRender 14 copy


We had so much fun putting it together and Charley has been loving it.

We tied some old shoelaces to the back since he loves to play with string so much!



Charley is a great jumper.



The final project…we might add a hammock to the middle later.

It was a fun project for Jack and I to work on together.   I never would have guessed I would ever own a cat or make a cat tree for entertainment….but life is always full of surprises.  🙂



2 thoughts on “A New Toy For Charley

  1. I love that you have a kitty!! Looks like Buffy… do you remember her? She was my very first cat and was calico just like Charley; best cat I ever had

    1. Charlie is the sweetest ever like Buffy. She is super social and wants to be around you all the time. I actually trip over her because she is always at my feet. Loves to be pet and to play….never knew I would love having a cat so much!!!

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