About Lori

I am a 37 year old woman with a lot going on. (Like most women my age.) but try and still find time to indulge in trying new things.  I love cooking new healthy recipes, fresh flowers, going to estate sales and habitat ReStore, coming up with new DIY projects for my house, traveling to new places and learning new things.

My husband received a promotion and new job title with his company earlier this year and was on the road most of the week, leaving me with two adolescent boys with crazy schedules Monday through Friday.  This was all while trying to do my best working full time as a school counselor. After a few exhausting months, I had the idea to stay home until my oldest could drive (2 years) and then re-evaluate what to do next.

While having more time for my family, I would still like to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. Thus the idea the 2yearsabbatical.com was born. Traditionally, a sabbatical is a paid leave of absence to study or travel to learn new information.  For me, the goal each month, for the next two years, is to take on a new challenge and document the progress on this blog. In the end, I hope to  to new learn many new things,  meet interesting people and grow as a person. In doing that, I believe I will become a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher and school counselor.