August Challenge and Good Reads at the Airport

Tomorrow is the 14er and I am currently sitting at the airport ready to board!  I am all packed and ready to go.  Kirsten sent me a packing list a couple of weeks ago and I have been collecting things for the hike ever since.  The weather is not the best forecast and calls for snow and rain, but we are going to remain positive!


I ended up going to REI to get most of my goods.  I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by REI, but now I am  a member of their co-op program and have access to their garage sales, classes and events.  When I went, I had a gentleman named Gene Porter helping me.  He was so knowledgeable and helpful.  From someone who had never done this before, he had great suggestions and patience.   He had me try on different backpacks and put about 10 pounds in them to make sure it was comfortable.  When I found one that felt right, he said that I should try it out and made me walk around the store.  I felt a little silly walking around the store with a backpack with weight in it, but I love that he took the time and effort to make sure the items I bought for the 14er were perfect for me.

REI rocks and I am hooked!  I saw that there is a trail run class coming up in October that I am going to go to.   Trail running is one of those things I have not tried but would love to do and we have some beautiful trails in Kansas City.

My packing list included:

  • A camelback
  • nalgene bottles for water
  • cliff bars/protein bars/trail mix…
  • hiking books, preferably high tops for ankle support
  • good cushy socks
  • layers for the temp changes, sweat proof, no cotton
  • stocking cap
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • yoga pants
  • coconut water
  • rain jacket

One great part of this trip is that my son Jack’s football game got cancelled, so my family is driving to Vail  and meeting me after the hike so we can spend the long weekend together.  The boys will be checking into the hotel tonight, renting ATV’s tomorrow and then Sunday we are going to go White Water Rafting.

Here are the articles I am reading at the airport (warning, they all have to do with mountains or travel) Can you tell I am excited?  Think of me tomorrow and send me good vibes!  🙂


  1. This article on the most beautiful mountain towns.  Vail is #8!
  2. I loved glamping last year in Kansas….here is one blogger’s take on her clamping experience in MontanaCopy of Blog Graphic – Untitled Design.
  3. A proposal on a mountaintop, but no ring!!
  4. Bear Gryllis has to be one of the most adventurous and vulnerable people on the planet.
  5. Have you seen the show Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV? This company lets you rent the houses!  After the kids are gone, would love to do this.  Maybe all our friends can buy one too and we can all park them somewhere in the mountains together.

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    1. Thank you Leslie!! I survived!! It was difficult, but fun and beautiful too.
      Laying in the hotel room now while Patrick throws the football to the boys outside.

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