“You’re on your own

And you know what you know

And you are the one who’ll

Decide where to go…..

  -Dr. Suess


I am sitting here on a quiet Sunday Mother’s Day morning. The boys just woke me up at 9 AM (I NEVER sleep that long) with cards and notes of appreciation, bacon and fruit. Pretty sweet way to wake up.

I went to my nephew Alex’s graduation party yesterday in Wichita and got to see my Mom and family which always makes me happy so it has been a great weekend.

As you know this blog is called 2 Year Sabbatical. TWO being the key word.  It started when I stopped teaching and counseling THREE years ago when my husband took a new position with his company and was traveling like crazy.  So much travel, that it was hard for me to keep up with everything from my job as a middle school counselor to the boys activities and school.  After I made the hard decision to stay home for a couple years,  I thought it would be fun to  document all of the things I would do that I always wished I had time for, but couldn’t because my plate was full and time was precious.

At that time, three years ago, I had just finished my masters degree and every free minute was used for my new career (that I loved) as a middle school counselor, taking one of my boys to practice and games or hastily preparing meals or cleaning up.

I was ecstatic to do everything on my bucket list. I went to First Fridays in downtown Kansas City and many estate sales. I loved fixing up old knick knacks and furniture or finding a treasure for my house.

Some loot from an estate sale.

I took a quilting class to turn Thomas’ tee shirts into a quilt. (still working on that….but I will finish this year in time for graduation!).

Getting ready to cut the shirts

The quilting teacher showing me how to cut the shirts

I did a 14er in Colorado (Gray and Torreys) with my childhood friend, Kirsten, and got to visit her sweet family.

On the way up 14,000 feet. We started at 4:30 AM
Kirsten and I ready to go!

Patrick and I took a customer to Napa..somewhere I had always wanted to visit.

We also went on several other trips like Belize and Mexico, vacations that would have been hard to go on, if I was working.

 In all honesty, I thought I would be traveling with him a lot more, but the boys were so busy and I didn’t like missing their activities. (Someone has to run the ship at home!). There will be more time for that in a few years.  

Drinking sparkling wine at Mumm


Patrick and I loved Cabo!

I started a garden (and continue to do so).   I have tomatoes, red peppers, jalepenos and cauliflower this year.

The garden is getting started this year. I need to get a fence. The bunnies already ate my cauliflower plants.
My cute Aldi gardening shoes

I co-chaired the annual BVW Golf tournament and Auction the last 2 years with a friend and earned lots of money to help the team.

The look of relief after the golf tournament. :). Now time to have fun.


golfers ready to head out


The dinner and auction

*and I learned how to golf and actually enjoy it.

The cake my mom and sisters made me for my 37th birthday…if you look close it says 37th hole. 🙂 This summer I turn 40.



I joined the PTO board at Jack’s school and really admire the ladies who put in their time for this.  I wish more moms would consider it.  It’s a great organization to get involved in and directly impacts the school in a positive way.  

I took a two month class on how to play bridge in honor of my Grandma Rosemary. (its a shame no one my age plays…it is so fun).

Bring Bridge Club back!

I took many Bible Studies and classes through my church at Ascension and at the Methodist church in town. These classes made me read the Bible more, grow closer with God, and learn more about myself. I met some wonderful and inspiring people who are now friends.  

I started an LLC called LOCO and an Etsy shop which still keep me really busy and my creative juices flowing (it’s also the reason I barely have time to blog anymore)

The boys video game room was cleared out and became my office and I started making leather earrings.  I dove into other items like keychains and wreaths as well.  After the shop was open about a year,  I got to be on the Kansas City BetterKC Show which was a first and it was super exciting!  

With the awesome Belinda Post on Better KC
Getting ready todo a Facebook Live with the Belinda before the show

In my downtime, I read so many books, tried new recipes, kept the house clean and just tried to be the best mom and wife I could be. Whenever the kids got home from school, I would always try and have a snack for them like banana bread or no bake cookies. I had home made dinners every night and a full pantry and fridge every Monday morning to survive the week.

Jack has a love for baking and cooking.


Thomas’ junior year has been a little crazy. The ACT and the hunt for the right college has kept us busy.

 It was a GREAT three years and I am so grateful that my husband had the means to support our family with me staying home and not contributing finachially.   I have a new respect for the moms that stay home because of all that rests on your shoulders.  Many tasks that were once shared, became solely mine.   I was the CEO of the Cook house. 


Last week, I noticed there was an opening at my friends school.  (She is one of the counselors)  I submitted my application, interviewed and found out I got the job on Friday.  I will get started pretty quickly fixing up my counseling office to make it comfortable and Zen while also learning the new things that I missed since I’ve been gone.    My family was happy for me, but worried that they wouldn’t have after school snacks.  (I think they will survive!)

Am I disappointed the Sabbatical is over?  I am beyond grateful for the time with my family and humbled that I was wanted back at work.  I feel re-energized and excited to get back.  (Especially now that Thomas is driving and can help me!)   I have grown as a person, learned so many new things and taken advantage of every opportunity that came my way.   There is a different Lori heading to work in July that is a little wiser, a bit more grateful and a smidge more empathetic and I think it will serve me well.  

I am just wondering…what should my blog now be called??  That will be on my summer to do list.   


I think this girl is going to miss hanging with me every day.


6 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes……

  1. I am so impressed by all you did for yourself and your family, and I am so excited for your return to counseling. You are a great counselor. Can you say where you will be teaching? Best of luck.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I will be at Harmony Middle. I hope you are loving retirement!!😘

  2. Lori – Everything about YOU makes me smile! I love reading about your beautiful life and miss you like crazy. Congratulations on your new job – I think we know it’s so rewarding to work with children, no matter the age, each and every day! You will ROCK this, just like everything else you’ve ever done! Love you sweet friend!!

    1. That was the nicest compliment. Thank you Stacie. It is so rewarding and I have missed it!!! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Hoping we can see you before these crazy boys graduate next year. :). Good luck with the rest of your school year!!

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