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May is Madness, isn’t it!  It’s so much fun and the weather is finally nice, but it is also one of the busiest times of the year.   We have had so much going on between the kids activities, retirement parties, graduation parties, 40th birthday parties, First communion parties, (party, party party!!!) it seems the action never stopped!  But this particular project kept my brain going all month.

On a recent trip to Nell Hills, my friend pointed out the large industrial style curtain rods hanging in the store.  I loved the bronze color.  The large diameter made it standout and all the more beautiful.


The inspiration: Nell Hills curtain rod


When I moved into my new home a little over a year ago, I didn’t have the same taste as the previous owner.  They decorated with a lot of red and brown colors and the first thing to go, was the deep red curtains in the dining room.  I didn’t have a style in mind at the time and there was so much to buy (and we still needed to sell our old house so I was on a budget).  I quickly found some fabric and whipped up some curtains in a black and white buffalo check.


The old curtains. I love buffalo check, but was ready for something new.

I was finally ready to take on the dining room windows and knew what I had in mind.

I wanted those big, fat curtain rods that had at least a 3 inch diameter but they were no where to be found.  Lucky for me, my local Home Depot has some really nice workers, especially one in particular named John.  I decided to try to make them myself with some PVC pipe and adding fittings on the end.  I measured across the length of the wall and took the measurements with me.  John cut the pipe with a handsaw.  (And then he cut it again a day later when I realized I was off by an inch).

He thought I was crazy for trying to put a plumbing PVC pipe as a curtain rod.  I told John, “I think I can make this work.”

Here is the 3 inch diameter PVC pipe and fittings in my super clean garage.

In my garage I painted the pipe and the fittings with Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk paint.


After the graphite color dried, I coated it with Annie Sloan soft wax in Dark.


The PVC fitting after the graphite paint


After the dark wax, I added a bronze wax over that.

Cire A Dorer Bronze Gilding Wax



I used my Annie Sloan brush to put on the bronze wax.


The hardest part of this project was finding a curtain ring to fit the 3 inch diameter PVC pipe.  I figured that the best diameter to fit around the pipe would be 5 inches.  After searching Joannes, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, …and coming up empty handed I thought my project might be dead.  Then I had an idea….SWIM RINGS!!!

I got on amazon and ordered a set of brightly colored rings for the pool that just happened to be 5 inch diameter.



The florescent neon swim rings I bought from amazon; The only 5 inch diameter ring I could find!



I spray painted them with rustoleum granite chalk paint and then coated them in gold wax as well.


I took the hooks from another set of curtain rings and put them on my newly painted rings.

I just bought a pack of regular curtain rings and detached the hook to use on the swim rings.



Then came another obstacle….getting it on the dining room wall.  This took several unsuccessful tries and more brain power.  Finally, I decided that I needed a tension rod to go through the middle of the PVC pipe.  You know the kind that people hang shower curtains from??  Again, I went to amazon to find an extra long tension rod.



It took several tries and lots of patience (and I do need to touch up some paint) but it worked!!


Next came the fun part…making the curtains.  A couple of months ago, I found some emerald-green velvet fabric that I loved.  I decided to add some cream-colored velvet to the bottom and connect it with a trim that had black and cream.


Getting ready to roll out the fabric! This has been in my basement just waiting for me to finish that pesky curtain rod!


Laying out the fabric and measuring.





Pinning the cream velvet to the trim




Trying my best to keep it straight!



Pinning on the trim to the right side of the green velvet.




Because the fabric was heavy, it was a little hard to sew. Here I am hemming the side of the curtain.


Charley enjoyed helping me out!



I love how it turned out!




If you look closely, there are a few spots on the wall where I’m going to need to repaint. This project was a lot of trial and error until I got it right. Nothing a little paint can’t fix.  Can’t wait to have some friends over for dinner soon!


Tomorrow, my family is headed to San Francisco after the last day of school to spend a little fun time together sight-seeing and beaching before swim team and weights start!  Happy Summer Everyone!

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