Football Season Is Here

Hello again!!  It has been a busy summer and I haven’t posted May.  Since then, many amazing things have happened; we celebrated Patrick’s 40th birthday with a fun surprise party and a trip to the British Virgin Islands, we attended swim meets and baseball games for the boys, we watched Thomas get strong by going to weights all summer and we watched Jack have so much fun being a kid and going to camp after camp.


And then school started and I breathed a heavy sigh, thanked the wonderful teachers for taking my children, and thought of all the fun things that I get to do while the kids are at school.


The big project for me for the summer was the Blue Valley West Football Golf tournament.  With a lot of help from many other awesome moms, we were able to raise a lot of money for the football team to purchase new equipment.  I am so happy it was such a big success.

Here are a few pictures of some of the decorations I had so much fun making.

Spray Painting the tongue depressors glued together to look like goal posts.



The table decorations for the golf tournament dinner.


I cut an old football and found some old silk flowers in the basement storage room to make this creation.


Tonight is the season opener for Thomas’ team, the Blue Valley West Jaguars and I couldn’t be more excited. I told some girlfriends that I feel like an official adult now that I am up in the stands, not just as a fan but a parent! Wow, how did that happen so fast?

I wanted to make a cute mantel for football season since both my boys (and Patrick) love it so much so I thought it would be fun to make a hanging banner with little footballs.

I found some cheap brown fabric and twill ribbon at Walmart very cheap.  With Chalk I outlined a football shape and cut out 14 footballs.

Then I marked the stitching with chalk.  I sewed over the chalk stitching line with a tight and long zig zag stitch



After the stitching, I added the white twill to the ends of the football with a loose zig zag stitch.


Then, I turned the football to the wrong side and pinned another football to it.  I sewed around the football with about a 1/4 inch seam allowance and left a 2-3 inch opening so I could turn it to the right side after sewing.


After turning it to the right side, I ironed it flat, closed the opening with some fabric adhesive, and then sewed them to a string.

I had a chalkboard I wasn’t using so I thought it would be fun to have a festive sign as well.  I’m not the best a chalk writing, but I love doing it.


I had a few other scraps of fabric so made a cute little football helmet and then put it all together…….


And the final result is a fun, fall, football loving mantel………





Good luck to all the boys this season!!!



These guys….

And these guys….



Superfan Lori



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