Going Green in April

Any mom knows, the month of April is tough.  There is something every night of the week and weekends are filled with activities and kids sports.  It seems your calendar will never give you a break!  This April was no different.  I didn’t blog much this month because we were busy with….

Jack and Thomas playing lacrosse for the first time.  Such a fun sport to watch!

Photo: Amy Rehkop




Patrick and I making a quick 24 hour escape to New Orleans to see Kenny Chesney play at the House of Blues,



Then came Easter,

My pretty bunny cake that fell over in the car and didn’t look so pretty for Easter dinner.
Easter Egg dying at Grandma’s house



Just last week, we did the family obstacle race again, which challenged me more than ever since I didn’t have my sister with me and had to keep up with the boys!



Finally, this weekend we ended April with a 40th birthday for a life long friend and my Dad’s retirement from coaching.

The above is a video played at the retirement party made by Eric Knecht.  I thought the song was perfect!

Such a memorable night for my Dad and entire family to see him get recognized by his school community.  So heartwarming, special and proud to be a part of.



It was a FUN month!!!  However, the goal for April was to start a garden and I wanted to make it happen.  I used to love having fresh tomatoes, cucumbers  and lettuce from the garden as a kid and really wanted to try to have some fresh garden vegetables by the summer.

I started in late March and bought some seed packets and planting cups.

We are hoping to have cucumbers, squash, zucchini, lettuce and carrots soon!

Time to build the garden!d

I purchased two of the above ground garden kits from Aldi.  It’s of my favorite places to shop for groceries and they always have awesome Finds of the Week!


It was a perfect 70 degree day in April when I built the garden in the backyard.



After putting it together, I laid down a liner to keep out the grass and weeds and added many bags of dirt.  It was hard work!


A little over a month in, it is really growing!

Here it is today…Can you believe most of this garden started from seed?   I did buy some herbs and 3 tomato plants as well.  I have used the herbs quite often this month when I’m cooking dinner; rosemary on my roasted potatoes, cilantro in my guacamole and basil in my tomato sauce.  It’s awesome to have it right there in my backyard!



I also wanted to take a class on how to build Fairy Gardens.  If you have read former posts, you know that Red Cedar is one of my favorite places in Overland Park and they just happen to have a class in April on Fairy Gardens.  Lucky for me, the sweet owners let me come even though sign up was full.

The instructor was so talented.  She showed us how to build fairy gardens out of rocks and sand that she found in her yard.  Of course the plants and fairy items you could buy at the store made it beautiful, unique and whimsical.


Her suggestion was to start with the end in mind.  She used tiny ferns for trees and a plant called Baby Tears to look like grass.   Take a look at some of her creations, all of which took less than 10 minutes for her to make.


A Cute little cottage…love the tiny bird house and stone steps.



This one was my favorite. Her suggestion was to lay flat rocks under the house to keep it stable. She also lined the sides of the river with rock. Here she used a Rabbits Foot fern, Ivy to creep up over the wall and Pilea for grass.  The river she did last using sand and then crystal blue rock.  This Fairy Garden was just beautiful in person.


This is the before picture. Notice the different levels and how she placed the stones.
I loved this wood display.




At Red Cedar they also have a long table displaying everything you could buy for the fairy garden. I wish I would’ve taken a panoramic photo because this one doesn’t do it justice. Below are some close ups of the display. It was absolutely darling and the attention to detail was not unnoticed!




The class was so inspiring, so of course, I had to make my own.


I used a container I already had and got to work with my new plants and fairy goodies.  For plants I bought a Maidenhair Fern and Pilea.



As suggested, I put down some rock first. I found these in our backyard.


My Fairy Garden had two boy fairies (Thomas and Jack) a dog (Ruby) and a cat (Charley…look on the swing). They live in a tree house.


I wanted my little fairy family by my hammock, but this area of my yard needed a little TLC.

A picture of the hammock area before the clean up.  The area was in need of a new hammock, new mulch, new stain on the posts and some prettiness.



I had some gel stain left from a different project, so used it to cover the posts and then sealed it with an exterior satin coat.


I found a new hammock on Amazon and put some bright pretty flowers by the posts. My little fairy garden is right next to the hammock so I can enjoy it while I read.


and the final touch….a sign to remind myself to slow down and relax!


May brings lighter calendars, more sun and summer break!  Sounds like I am going to be using my hammock area a lot more and that is good news! #ReadytoRelax





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  1. Love this! You never cease to amaze me!! I’ve always wanted to do a little garden of my own… you may have to help me with that one!
    What an awesome video of your dad! He has made such a difference in so many lives!

    1. Love you Sue! You never cease to amaze me either!! :). I have wanted to do a garden forever! I will bring you some fruits of my labor. Lol

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