July 2016 Challenge Complete!

Today is the day!

Tournament start time is 1:30 PM.  There are around 30 teams in the golf tournament at St. Andrews Golf Course in Overland Park.

I tried to get up and be productive.  After seeing the weather forecast, I went to Scheels to get some cooling towels and a fan.  I could not believe it was going to be so hot for my first golf outing, but there was nothing I could do about it but have a positive attitude.

By 12:00 it’s already almost 100 degrees (110 heat index) and the hottest day on record in the past 1,000 days according to our weather girl.


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.00.21 AM
The weather girl said today could get to 110-115 degrees if you factor in heat index and it is the hottest day in over 3 years. Wouldn’t you know? That is ok! We are still going to have fun!


The volunteers that put on the golf tournament worked so hard and it looked amazing.  Everything from the table centerpieces to the auction baskets were well done and the tournament was organized down to every detail.  The football players volunteered as well which was nice to see because, after all, the money is going to benefit the team.

IMG_4092 3
Our names are on the cart….It’s official…we are doing this.

FullSizeRender 15





A photo before we start! Here goes nothing!



FullSizeRender 13
My awesome team! Here we are getting ready to go!

So how did it turn out after 18 holes?  We hit 4 above Par, which I thought was REALLY good!   I loved that it was a scramble and we could use the best shots.  I was hoping to have 1 or 2 of those and succeeded in that.  Julie saved us many times.  (she is really good!)  but we all had some good chips, putts or hits at one point of the game.


I took this pic from the golf cart. Tracy with a beautiful drive! Woo hoo!!!



FullSizeRender 11
A selfie taken at the end of a HOT day and 18 holes. We did it!



Will I continue playing?  YES!  I really loved learning how to play and think that golf, although difficult, is a lot of fun.  It would be more enjoyable with lower temperatures and with a couple more lessons, but I can see myself doing it again.  It’s a great way to get off the couch and spend time with your spouse, family or friends and be active at the same time!

I have enjoyed the process of working toward the goal of learning how to golf.  There were so many positive things that have come with the process of learning.

I have…..

  • Spent time with my husband on several nights hitting a bucket of balls (more fun than going to dinner)
  • Spent time with my girlfriends at the golf tournament (now I know why the boys like golf tournaments)
  • Supported the BVW football team.
  • Played golf with my Dad for the very first time.
  • Hit golf balls with my Mom and sister.
  • Had an amazing golf cake for my birthday made by my other sister.
  • Met an awesome teacher, Maureen, who is a great golf coach and person.
  • Learned golf terminology…birdie, bogey, eagle, whiff and learned golf etiquette.
  • Bought golf clubs that I will use for a long time and mostly know what club to use when.
  • Watched golf on tv and understood it for the most part.


July 2016 Challenge was a success.   Now all that is left to do is fill my Habitat Re-Store frame with a picture of my very first golf tournament!  Cheers to new experiences!

FullSizeRender 12
My $3.00 frame from Habitat Re-Store.

Can’t wait to share my August challenge.   Details coming soon…….

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