Kitchen Table Makeover

I was ready to sell my black dining room table on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, I had just posted it on the website and within 5 minutes, deleted the post.  I had a last-minute thought to chalk paint it a lighter color and change out the fabric on the seat cushions.  I had just fixed up my aunts table so was ready to take on another project.

The black table and chairs have moved with me twice.  Patrick and I bought it when we built a house McKinney, Texas before Jack was born and Thomas was a toddler. I like the style of the table, but was ready for a change.

I took the table apart and made room in the garage for my project.


I started with the table legs.

I decided to do the legs in white and the table top and chairs in gray.  Rustoleum makes a fairly inexpensive chalk paint that you can find at most hardware stores.  Home Depot and Menards had everything I needed.

For the legs I used the color Linen White.

You can see where I sanded at the edges after painting to give it a vintage look.

This is the color I used on the table top and chairs.
This is the color I used for the legs










I focused on the edges and corners when sanding.


Next came the chairs…



Working on the first coat of gray paint on the chairs. It took three coats to cover the black completely. I waited several hours between coats.  It took much longer than the table because of all the nooks and crannies.  My garage was a mess!!

I waited overnight for the last coat to dry and then sanded the edges and corners of the chairs.


After I sanded all parts, I put on a light stain with a damp old towel.  For this I used Varathane wood stain in Sunbleach.

I let that dry over night and put on two coats of polyurethane sanding in between coats.


You can find this at any home improvement store.


A quick selfie while sanding. I still like to use my Mrs. Cook apron I wore almost daily when I was a FACS teacher.


In my new house, I have a lot of green, gray and cream in my furniture, fabric and walls which helped me pick my fabric.


Time to recover the chairs. I covered them previously in a houndstooth pattern. I still like them, but wanted something with color.  This fabric was also Nell Hills.
This is the new emerald green geometric pattern. I found the fabric at Nell Hills and although it was a little expensive, I only needed one yard. It is great quality; very thick with texture.











I sprayed the fabric with Scotchgard so it any food spills will come out.


The final before and after pictures:



Before picture: Getting ready to sell on Craigslist……on second thought, maybe I will keep it.



Glad I kept it!  The new and improved version!


While buying fabric for the chairs, I also found new fabric for my dining room curtains…… Come back to see it soon!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Makeover

  1. Wowee!!! Gorgeous Lori! You’re inspiring! Makes me want to paint my table too!

    1. Melissa, it’s so easy!! You could do it! I’m finding way to many projects to do these days. I had to make a list….. now it’s one thing at a time. Now that I’m home, I want to do everything…but all at once.

  2. Looks great Lori! I love reusing furniture and making them new. I’ve only used Annie Sloan chalk paint (expensive and limited to find). So you like the rustoleum?

    1. I liked it but I like Annie Sloan better. I think it’s a little thicker. However, rustoleum is about half (if not more) the cost. I liked the pale gray rustoleum had as well

  3. Looks great Lori! You are such an inspiration and the selfie is adorable Mrs Cook 😉 xoxo

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