My Favorite Links of the Week



  1. A new friend sent me this Ted talk and I still can’t believe I have never heard of Brene’ Brown, PHD and super woman who has researched the difference between people who are connected and those who are not.  Do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes of quiet time to watch this.  It is a life changer in terms of how to live with courage and vulnerability to have a joyful life.   (Thanks Leslie!) Looking forward to reading her book.
  2. I love the stove, floating shelves, bronze hardware and pendant lighting in this kitchen. Patrick,  Can I just start renovations now???
  3. A back to school article on the importance of emotional intelligence.
  4. We need to make this Rainbow Grilled Cheese before we head back to school
  5. Boxed wine has come a long way…love the spritzer and sangria idea.
  6. I do all of these organizational tips except #10
  7. Thomas survived his first summer of weights!  Looking forward to a fun football season.  Those coaches and players work so hard!

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