October and November: Election Anxiety, Family Fun and Wrapping Up Bible Study

After a crazy election and football season, I am back and ready to focus on some positive and fun ahead.

With Patrick on the road just about every week in October and the first part of November, my Dad’s election, and some fun volunteer opportunities for the boys…oh and Halloween…I felt like there was not a second to myself.  Do you know that feeling where there is so much going on, you don’t even know where to start?  So then you do a little of everything and nothing really gets done and then you are still overwhelmed?….that is how I felt.

Football season just ended a couple of weeks ago and Thomas and Jack and both enjoyed it.  Thomas in his first year of high school did a great job trying a new position and Jack loved playing tackle football for the first time.

Thomas doing his thing!
A quick picture after the last game. I was sad to see it end….Jack looking way to serious!



Jack loves to run the ball!


In October, the goal was to do something fun as a family.  I saw a flyer advertising a family obstacle course about an hour away;  so I called up my sister who lives pretty close to us and she said her family would love to do it as well, so we signed up!

The Timber Challenge is out in Bonnor Springs, Kansas and is kind of like a warrior dash, but WAY more fun.  The obstacles were challenging, but the kids were able to complete them.  (actually they did better than me!)  It also helped that the weather was perfect!



Thomas and Jack with their cousins and Sasquash before the race.


Before the race….clean and fresh!


After shot, a muddy, stinky mess!



This was a family activity my kids LOVED! We will do another one in the spring.

The race was a 5k with over 20 obstacles.  Here are some of the highlights:

climbing huge mounds of hay


zip lining over a pond….there was no way I was falling in


climbing over (and through) school busses



Money bars over mud.  Patrick almost made it to the end of the monkey bars…I was laughing to hard to take a good picture after this one….



Thomas was determined to get 1st place. We were the first leg of the race and started with about 200 other people! Here he is about to cross the finish line with the #1!  He did it!

The next night at the dinner, we asked the boys to tell us what their perfect day would look like and both said that it would include the race again.  I was so glad we did it together, even though both boys were way ahead of me the entire time.

Election UPDATE:

My Dad ended up losing the election by a little over 300 votes.  I can honestly say my heart was broken.  I was driving to run some errands the day after election Tuesday and just started tearing up….  I guess I just don’t understand how someone like him could lose.  It made me question what people are really looking for.

He has been a teacher and coach his entire life at the same small Catholic school; influencing and changing many lives.   Growing up, he made us go to 7 am mass every Sunday and sit in the front row.  He would clean the school gym at night to earn extra money to pay for things our family needed or to give to the church.  He always expected you to do the right thing and had high expectations, but when you did mess up, he would be there and help you grow from it.screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-2-11-52-pm

All 6 of my siblings and I have college degrees that we had to pay for ourselves, we are self sufficient, work hard and are good spouses and parents.  It makes me question if he can’t be elected into office, then who can?  I don’t know his opponent, but it would be hard to imagine someone better than my Dad.

So when I say I couldn’t concentrate or focus because I had to much on my mind, that is why.  I knew there was a chance he wouldn’t win this election because of the financial state of Kansas and I didn’t want to think about it….  I loved that the last two years he was able to put himself into a different arena than a classroom or football field.  I saw him get excited about laws and committees.  I was so proud that my boys got to see him get sworn in as well.

Watching my Dad get sworn in was a proud moment.


I hope he does run again, because he truly did make a difference and I believe he is great at it!  He votes the way he feels is right for the community and doesn’t get swayed by lobbyists.  The day after the election the Pittsburg paper quoted him, “I would have liked to win and go back, but I still feel like I am the richest man in town. It’s something I will always treasure.”




Finally, bible study wraps up this week.  I have been doing this once a week since September and have grown and been inspired from it.   One of my favorite things I have picked up from Alpha is reading,  A Daily Devotional every morning when I wake up(is great to read to get the day started).  It has a bible verse and positive ways to think about situations.  I also now keep a gratitude journal (which is a good way to end the day.)  I have loved my group and all of their stories and feel so lucky to have been a part of that.




This month of November brings a dear friends 50th birthday.  The challenge is to plan an amazing girls weekend getaway for her.  AND…we are headed to NYC!!!!

We have been working on it for a few weeks and have some exciting things planned!  Until then….



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