Office Makeover

Family life and LOCO has been a little busier than I anticipated.  Months of GO GO GO had my office looking like a train wreck!

I am the type of person who can’t go to bed unless the kitchen is clean, so it was a daily stresser having my office look like this.  I needed some organizational pieces and to change the color of the room.  It was a dingy brown color and I had been wanting to freshen it up since I moved my office to this room.

Fall is the busiest, but best time of year so I finally got around to asking our painter to come and change this office from a poop brown to a calm gray.  I wanted to go all white, but didn’t want have to change the trim as well, which is a cream color.

When I started making the earrings, I kicked the boys out of this room which they used to play xbox and moved that to the basement.  I like this room because it is spacious and has a big window that gives awesome natural light.

I chose a calm color called Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.  The process was a lot of work but it turned out great.


I have a large bulletin board I found at Habitat for Humanity that I covered in some leftover wallpaper I had from my laundry room.  It is basically an inspiration board that I keep ideas on.  I have quotes, projects, leather samples, newspaper clips, pictures, basically anything that gets my brain going.

I have slowly been buying storage shelves and now finally have enough to hold all my goods!  :). Thanks Aldi and Ikea!

And right before the painters came, I went to Ikea and bought several peg boards.  They are a life saver to keep ribbon, vinyl, boards and just about everything I use daily organized. 


Hooray!  Now, I can work in peace and serenity!  AND my Etsy shop is back open for business.  Look for new fall and winter leathers coming next week!  THEY ARE SO PRETTY!!!



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