Recycling an Old Dress

A couple of months ago, my sister was giving away some of my nieces clothes.  Elizabeth is now 12, so had a tub full of clothes that were size 10.  In the tub was one of my favorite dresses that she used to wear.  I LOVED the print of the fabric with its pink and green flowers and navy background and knew I had to rescue it to make it something else.

So I asked if I could have it….

I could envision making something to wear to country concerts with the lace and floral print.

I love the vibrant colors in this fabric!

This weekend I finally got to work on it!

I found an easy tutorial  on the Southern Institute Blog that looked like something I could do.  I like to sew, but don’t have a lot of patience.  Easy, quick projects are perfect for me!

I wanted to find a white tank to sew on, but the only colors Target had was a faded lime green and this blue color.  I went with the blue and purchased it for $3.oo.  (all summer clothes are on clearance).

My $3.00 bargain tank



With my rotary cutter I cut the tank at my true waistline, like the tutorial instructed.




I then cut off the top of the dress and also the lace panel that went down the middle.



After measuring my waist, I pinned a piece of elastic about an inch shorter to the top of the skirt right sides together.


then sewed the elastic on to the skirt with a zig zag stitch


After sewing the elastic to the waist, I sewed the skirt together, right sides together. (It was one panel because I took the lace part off of the middle of the skirt.)



The new skirt with the elastic waistband.


This would have been fine to stop here, but I wanted to sew the Target tank into the skirt to make it a dress.

attach the tank to the elastic waistband

With the tank top right side out and upside down, I put it down into the top of the skirt that is right sides together (so inside out).  I did match up the side seams of the shirt and the skirt and pinned in place.

It is hard to sew and take a photo at the same time!


The finished product!

Ta Da!  and there you have it!  I’m afraid my niece is going to want it back!  Perfect little dress to wear to a country concert…(we do have Florida Georgia Line, Cole Swindle and Eric Church coming up…)

I tried it on to make sure it fit and looked cute with my boots!

My helper Charley! My new house has an extra room I keep all my craft and sewing things in.  Patrick is probably just glad it’s not all over our bedroom. The jean jacket and boots make it a great outfit for a concert! Photo credit: Jack Cook 🙂






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  1. I’m sooooo impressed, Lori! That is adorable and I would never think to do that! Wow. You look adorable as always!

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