Taking the Kids to NYC

Patrick and I love taking the kids on trips to big cities.   We’ve taken them to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC to name a few. This spring break we took them to New York and packed our trip full of restaurants and activities. Patrick’s mom Eileen got to join us too!


Thursday, March 7


Looking at all the buildings and the Statue of Liberty on the flight in.

We took off in the afternoon just in time to grab some New York Pizza for dinner.  The kids LOVED it and so did I.  Something about the chewy thin crust that makes it so good!  We ate at Joes Pizza by our hotel; the Marriott Marquis.  

(A word of advice…take a cab, NOT AN UBER, out of the airport.) UBERS were a disaster in the new parking and it took us 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot.  Hopefully that will improve.  

Friday, March 8

A couple months ago, I started booking restaurants and applying for tickets to shows.  We were lucky enough to get four tickets to Good Morning America.  They don’t tell you when you apply for tickets who the guest will be, but the week before we found out it was New Kids On the Block.  I love fun 90’s music so I was excited!  We woke up at 5:30 AM to wait in a long  and cold line, but it was well worth it!  We sang and danced to the old songs and a new one too!  It made me want to get tickets to their Mix Tape Tour with Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.  

We were in the second row! You can see Patrick and I here.

Patrick convinced me to make a shirt for the occasion and I was glad I did.  Donnie came up and hugged us after the show and of course..loved my shirt!  It was so much fun!!

My shirt!


Had to get a pic in the shirt










After the show, we walked around Canal Street in Chinatown and Little Italy.   Patrick and Jack bargained for some goods which was a lesson in negotiation for Jack.  🙂

For lunch we ate at Katz Deli which has been around since the late 1800s.  We had the best Reuben sandwich you could imagine.   The rye bread, cheese, sauce, sauerkraut and piled on corned beef were AMAZING!!!

Warning: A very large and delicious lunch ahead.  The place was very crowded, but the chef gave us some corn beef to snack on while we were waiting!



Thomas inspecting his Philly Cheesesteak


Best Reuben Sandwich Ever!

After lunch, we tried to go to the Supreme store for Jack, but the line was a mile long to get in.  They were letting one person in, for every person that came out.  The problem was, we hardly saw anyone in the store.  Great marketing strategy Supreme.   


That evening we had tickets to the broadway show, Mean Girls.  

Mean Girls was a highlight of the trip.  It brought me back to highschool and the boys could relate to the drama that high school can bring.  The dancing, acting and singing were as good as it gets and the story line was hilarious!  I am a big fan of Tina Fey who was the writer so I knew I would love it.  



Before the show, these yearbook pages scrolled across the screen. Mean things were written on pictures.


The finale where the yearbook pages changed and said positive comments in place of the negative ones.


Saturday, March 9

We woke up and went to the 911 Museum and Memorial.  When I purchased tickets I chose the nine am time slot (right when it opened) to avoid crowds.  This museum is hard to describe.  You are in awe, yet heartbroken at the same time.  I felt so sad for the victims and the families.  The bravery you see in many of the stories is amazing.  You can listen to phone calls from the flight attendants who were on the plane that was highjacked, see videos of how Osama Bin Ladin came to power and came to hate the US.  There were videos of the bravery on Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. There are pieces of buildings, storefronts, fire trucks, bike racks, clothing, flags…..the list goes on.  I highly recommend and in my opinion is one of the best museums in the U.S. and a highlight of our trip.

One of the fire trucks that was on the scene of the World Trade Center


This was one of the walls of victims. Their names are being read by a family member or friend one by one.



After the museum and gazing in awe at the Freedom Tower, we had lunch at Merchant River House.  The food was excellent and the view, even better.  You could see the Statue of Liberty from our window.  



Our table at Merchant River House

After lunch we walked to Wall Street and then took the subway to Central Park.  

Riding the crowded subway to Central Park










Although it was a chilly 38 degrees that day, we enjoyed the weather and scenery.  Central Park was beautiful.  I would love to do a bike tour next time I visit.


 We went to get some cupcakes at Magnolia and then went home to change for dinner and rest after walking almost 10 miles!

5 Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen was our spot for dinner and it lived up to its name.  The burgers were huge and juicy..  I also had a roasted pineapple margarita that was delicious!










Grandma Eileen was leaving so the boys took one last picture with her.   Thanks for coming Grandma!



Sunday, March 10

We lost an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time, so decided to skip breakfast and head straight to lunch and have New York Pizza again.  It was as good as the first day!











Patrick and Thomas got tickets to Book of Mormon (and loved it).  Thomas is a big fan of Southpark and the writers of that show wrote Book of Mormon.

While they were at the show, Jack and I explored around the Flat Iron Building.  We shopped fun stores such as Fish Eddys, ABC Home, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Lego Store NYC.  

On the walk back we hit the eight story Macys with a Gucci inside.  (thanks to youtube Jack knows all about Gucci)  

Patrick and Jack at “The Book of Mormon”
Jack in front of the Flat Iron Building


Jack wanted to see Gucci…I blame YouTube videos!












The last night we splurged and headed to Juniors for Cheesecake to bring back to the hotel, but not before taking one last picture on Times Square.  We had a great time on Spring Break 2019 NYC!




Until next time New York……










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  1. Totally know all the places you visited including Juniors right across from the Marriott. NY is such a great time and even better when it is not 18 degrees..brrrr!

    1. We had upper 30 and 40s and then 50s our last day Were you there when it was 18??? 🥶I think the temperature was in the 20s at 6 AM when we waited in line Friday morning. I was a popsicle.

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