The Best of the Week….a Gratitude Journal

Today was one of those days that force you to look at the positive and be grateful because nothing was going my way and if I didn’t, I might have just broken down and cried. I rarely get upset or complain, but after this bike accident, broken phone, thinking my car and purse were stolen kind of day, it’s time to look at what makes me happy. Here are the things I am most grateful for this week!

  • My new desk from Ikea I put together on Monday. It’s perfect for when I just want to write or read something in my room. I have a little desk off the laundry room, but there is no window and no natural light and it makes me feel drained of energy if I sit there to long.  My room has nice big windows to let in sunlight….much better!
    I’m becoming an IKEA junkie…I love it!


  • Fresh flowers…love the sunflowers that are out right now. So fresh and pretty.IMG_3620


  • The temperature was 65 degrees on my run this morning. Fall is coming and I love it. It is my favorite season. Cool crisp air, football, mums, boots and jackets, colorful trees, pumpkin flavored everything, candy corn and Halloween.
    (I am typing this on my back porch feeling the cool evening and NOT sweating.)


  • Having a great handyman (Thanks Roger) and finding an awesome deal on a new light fixture for the dining room.  So what if all the electricity went out for an hour….we got it fixed before Patrick got home!   IMG_3624



  • Succulents are gorgeous. I bought these in April and they have just gotten more full and  beautiful.

FullSizeRender 15


  • I fixed a toilet myself…might not seem like a big deal, but this was not your typical get the plunger out job.  I came home Sunday to a clogged toilet in Jacks room.  Patrick and I tried the plunger and it was not making any improvement (and it smelled SO BAD!!!!!)  I really hate spending money on things like this, so I thought I would give it one more shot and bought a snake from Home Depot and fixed it myself! Jack apparently tossed a lid from a cat food tin in the toilet……..although he has no idea how it got in there.


  • Home-made pizza on the Kamodo grill….I have tried and tried to make it work and am almost there!! Look for a post soon! 🙂


  • Finding our kitten in Jack’s shoulder pads after searching for her.FullSizeRender 14
  • Seeing old friends that I grew up with this past weekend. Although it was tragic and horribly sad to lose Brian so young, his memorial was a special way to reconnect with all the old friends I had growing up and talk about times we had together, especially with Brian.  It was great to meet his amazing wife Jessica too. We shared lots of laughs and loved spending the night talking about him and the happiness and laughs he brought to our life.


  • Getting to see my cousin Amy and her husband Frank from New Jersey for her 50th and eating at Chicken Annies with the whole family.


  • Having a hot tub for the boys when they get home from football practice.  Here are all 3 Cook boys after Tuesday nights practices.
    They have shorts on…I swear

    So, I might have a large bruise on my leg and an old phone that barely works…but life is great.  One of the best things to remember is:  Think happy, be happy.  With that in mind, Wednesday is going to be great!


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  1. Love this Lori! What a great reminder to be grateful and blessed. We all need to be present so we can appreciate things. Enjoy you new desk – looks great!

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