The idea of going to Belize started last May at a charity event for Multiple Sclerosis.  We were going to the event to support our dear friend Jen who has been diagnosed with MS for some time now and ended up bidding on a beach front 3 bedroom villa in Belize with our friends the Roaches and Schaffers.  Three other couples we were friends with had bid on the trip as well so we had a big group to go with.  I had heard that Belize was beautiful and was excited to have an adventure in Central America.

It was A LOT of work getting ready to go as the boys are quite busy right now with school, sports and a job, but with a great babysitter, we made it happen.



These days it is REALLY hard to get away…… I spent so much time putting together schedules, buying groceries, and making some pre-made meals.  It was so worth it!



This past Wednesday, we headed out on our  journey that consisted of 3 different planes.  The last being a plane that held 14 people and lasted 15 minutes to take us from Belize City to the island of San Pedro.

San Pedro is a town on the southern part of the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

Getting ready to board this little plane from Tropic Air to get us from Belize City to San Pedro.



Jason in the co-pilot seat.


I have flown on a small plane before, but never this small!


A taxi picked us up at the tiny airport to drive us to Indigo Beach Homes.  We worked with an awesome concierge/guest services manager named Jessica who helped us with everything from renting the golf carts to setting up snorkel excursions.


A picture going from the small Belize airport in San Pedro to our Villa. Most transportation in this town is either on golf carts or bikes. You rarely see a car.


One of the 6 seater golf carts we had for the week.




It was nice to see our beautiful resort after a long day of travel!


A view from our Terrace at Indigo Beach homes.


Another view from the terrace during a sunset.


The first night we took a 5 minute golf cart ride to a restaurant on the beach called Rojo beach bar and lounge.  It was an absolutely beautiful setting that looked right out of a movie.  The drinks were good and the food was amazing; so amazing in fact, we went back there every single day for the next 5 days for at least a snack and drink.


Some of my favorites at Rojo were:

The Sushi

Roho had fresh sushi on Saturday that was amazing.  This Sashimi was the freshest I have ever tasted and absolutely delicious.


The Lobster Dip

This lobster dip was AMAZING!  We had it for 5 days straight.  🙂


The Lobster Nachos

We loved the lobster so much, we asked them to make lobster Nachos…and they reluctantly did. They were the best!  It would be hard to re-create this at home because the lobster was so fresh and prepared so well.


The Conch Balls

Breaded and fried conch… DELISH!!!!



We ended the night with full bellies and ready for some snorkel fun the next day.

The moon shining on us at the red lit Rojo!



We had may fun times at Rojo the entire week!


Cheers to Belize!



Looking good, Patrick!



One of the many creatures at Rojo




The next day we started off bright and early on a snorkel tour set up by our concierge, Jessica.  We were picked up on our dock by the crew at Lady Leslie.    I had heard the snorkeling in Belize was some of the best in the world, so although I was a little nervous, I was excited to see it as well.  I was glad I had bought a waterproof camera a while back when I went to Colorado and had it with me for the snorkeling.  REI hosts an adventure trip  to Belize Reefs that I had received in my email.  The pictures were incredible so I knew I couldn’t miss it!


This crew consisted of Captain Martin with his son Jody and son in law Ricky.  They took us on a 30 minute boat ride to Hol Chan National Marine Park.


Just a little nervous….but excited!

Took a pic of this shark as I nervously swim above it



One of the best things I saw was this giant sea turtle.  It was so cool!



Hundreds and hundreds of schools of fish were swimming through the coral. It was beautiful!



Say cheese Jen!



When we saw this spotted eagle ray, it started to swim towards us. In fact it was only a few feet below us at one point.  My friend Jen jumped on top of me and we swam away as fast as possible inhaling a lot of ocean water on the way out.



The next boat stop was a few miles past the national park. The crew had some fish  that attracted MANY nurse sharks.



Patrick and Jason thinking, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”




Pretty soon there was over 30 sharks and ALL the boys were swimming with them. They were READY to get back on the boat!
The girls did not get off the boat for this part of the tour.


The boys checking out the sharks



The Husbands were BRAVE!


Cheers to making it out alive! The drink of choice on this boat was a fruity coconut rum drink called the Panty Ripper.


Terrilyn was the queen of conch horn



After our 2 snorkel trips, the boat dropped us off for a couple of hours at Caye Caulker.

Time to put the flip-flops back on!
After our 2 snorkel trips, the boat dropped us off for a couple of hours at Caye Caulker.
The water is so blue and clear


We ate lunch right off the dock at Rainbow Hotel where most of us either had lobster burgers or seafood fajita and then walked a block down to the Lazy Lizard; an awesome beach front bar with crazy big drinks and outdoor games.

Tracy and Terrilyn playing bags on the beach


Noel and Tracy trying the signature Lizard drink!

After a couple of hours, the crew of Lady Leslie was ready to take us back to our resort.

Time to head back to the boat!


The girls were big fans of our snorkel tour guide….


When we got back, we quickly showered and headed to the Truck Stop which was about a 15 minute golf cart ride from our resort in San Pedro. It looked like a series of food trucks and had really eccentric food that was excellent. Our favorites were the buffalo chicken pizza, spicy noodles and the Fireball ice cream.

check out this video on how a man from Belize made the beautiful mural located there.



Truck Stop looked like a series of food trucks and had really eccentric food that was excellent.  Our favorites were the buffalo chicken pizza, spicy noodles and the Fireball ice cream.


The back dock at the truck stop was the perfect place to watch a sunset. The back of Truck Stop also had a fire pit we all could sit around in the back.


This couple was sitting on the dock enjoying dinner. They looked so cute and I had to ask them what they were doing in Belize. It turns out they had been married for 60 years and just looking for a good place to snorkel.


I hope I have this much fun with Patrick after 60 years of marriage! Kudos to them!


The next morning we woke up and took a golf cart ride into town to the beachfront breakfast joint called Estels.

The breakfast was awesome.  We tried the fresh squeezed orange juice mimosa, breakfast burritos, shrimp omelets and Fry Jacks, which is a Belize Fried bread, served with honey or jam.  Delicious!



A quick pic on the beach right outside of Estels.


We spent the next few hours soaking up the sun at the beach and resort pool before heading out for dinner to Portofino.

Doing a little bit of paddle boarding at the resort




Portofino was another beachfront restaurant but also had little huts on the beach to rent.




Trying the delicious food at Portofino. We liked it so much, we had it for breakfast the next day too.  Looks like Patrick was a huge fan!  😉


I loved the hammocks at Portofino!
One last place we loved was Stellas’ Smile.  The owners moved from the US to start a new lifestyle in Belize and career in the restaurant industry.   We toasted at the table to a great trip and enjoyed wine and Sangria.

Patrick and I with the owners of Stella’s Smile. I thought to myself what a risk and adventure it must be to pack up and move to another country to start a restaurant. The couple built a small house right next to the restaurant.


We ended the trip watching the NFL playoffs at our resort.

Patrick and I at the beginning of the 4th quarter. We thought the Cowboys were going to make the ultimate comeback. We were sad to see them lose, but looking forward to next season!


Belize was an excellent trip and so much fun.  We came back tired from the travel, but refreshed from a week of no worries and with memories of many fun times.  When we got back to the cold winter in Kansas, it was hard not to miss the beautiful beach and sunny 80 degree weather.  As they would say in Belizean Kriol- Wahnti wahnti kyah geti an geti geti nuh wahnti.  (you always want what you can’t have)



Thanks for a great time Belize!



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