Weekend Catch Up…… Good Reads

Links and articles that I loved this week


  1. Sometimes when I go on a run or go on a walk, I like to listen to a podcast.  This post has a good list.   Love the Moth!
  2. Love these summer entertaining ideas, especially the pizza and the antipasto platter.
  3. Staying at the Fixer Upper Bed and Breakfast would be a fun girls trip…I know a girl who has a big birthday coming up….
  4. I am loving these sunny, cool days we have had this week.  Did you know July was the hottest month EVER on record?  This article is alarming if you don’t like hot weather like me.
  5. I have been using a lot of green in my new home.  Loved the kitchen and wallpaper in this slide show.
  6. Patrick and I had a great experience learning to Belay and Tie ourselves in at IBEX in Blue Springs this week. We took a 2 hour class and are now certified.   (Blog post coming soon)  I read this article last week and it inspired me to give climbing a try.
  7. My young and fun sister in law, Emmy, sent me this youtube clip that made us laugh!

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